First mover advantage in high-grade greenstone gold belts

Our Responsibility to sustainable impact

Tresor Gold is committed to responsible mining. As our global population continues to expand each year and seeks innovation to reduce the negative impacts of climate change, our metal shall contribute to the supply chain that electrifies our grid. Gold is a key component of chip sets, circuit boards, and connectors in electric vehicles and storage systems.


We strive to engage local stakeholders and execute sustainable mining plans that create lasting economic development

In our sustainable approach, we endeavor to explore and develop resources in a safe manner that is protective of our people and respectful of the culture and human rights of the indigenous communities.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals remain at the core of our corporate beliefs and governance.

Impact investing, by developing our people to transform their future and ours

Our long-term success is derived from our ability to educate, train, and develop local talent, who are motivated by our shared resolve to generate wealth for our stakeholders, people and local partners.

By directly impacting our key resource: our employees, with the knowledge and skills to have a transformative impact on the greater economy, we have cultivated a climate poised to embrace our continued success.



To be good stewards of our lands, we first must be good stewards with the people who have preserved its wealth. Our symbiotic relationship endeavors we simultaneously generate value for our stakeholders and the local communities - it's our Golden Ratio.

We are committed to go beyond economics and incorporate tools of social and economical development crucial to the modernization of Sierra Leone.


Organically extracting value while preserving biodiversity


Our eco-friendly gold extraction and recovery processes are grounded in our “do-no-harm” commitment to the people and environment of Sierra Leone.


The predominant high sulfide, non-refractory gold deposits allow for the use of free milling, environmentally friendly extraction techniques that preserve the surrounding biosphere and reduce our carbon footprint.