Our business strategy and philosophy

We take a multidisciplinary approach to identifying, acquiring, and developing low-cost high quality gold assets

Our long-term view aligns our interests with those of our LOCAL PARTNERS, PEOPLE, AND STAKEHOLDERS to create mutual success.


West African gold ventures are the industry’s modern day “gold rush”

  • 80 Moz

    New gold discoveries over the last decade; more than any other region.

  • 1st largest

    Top producing region, followed by China (11.8 Moz), Russia (10.6 Moz), and Australia (10.5 Moz)

  • 95% increase

    Increased gold production over the past 10 years, to over 14.5 Moz in 2021

  • 3Yrs to production

    Favorable mining policies increases potential of gold production within 3 years of resource discovery

Proven strategy

  • Using advances in geophysics to locate compelling gold deposits

    Our highly experienced geophysicists allow us to leverage our deep industry and territorial knowledge to efficiently identify untapped mineral-rich regions of West Africa. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to model the lowest-cost, highest probable geological zones for exploration.

    gold mineralization
  • Leveraging local knowledge to map a path to greater profitability

    Annually, 20% of global gold production comes from artisanal miners. Artisanal mining activity is typically used as a strong indicator of higher occurrence of gold. After five years of sourcing and exporting gold, we have diligently built a network of local intelligence within the gold-laden greenstone regions of frontier Sierra Leone.

    gold mineralization
  • Going for the gold in the veins of targeted ore bodies

    Our open-pit mining approach is consistent with best practices for hard-rock mining in Archaean geology, and the desire to expedite low-cost production of gold most predictively nested in the veins of relatively shallow ore bodies.

    gold mineralization
  • Scale operations, build gold reserves & diversify portfolio

    As we develop our two existing projects, build out the resources, and optimize our mine plans, we will continue to apply our proven strategy to identify additional compelling gold projects to diversify our portfolio and deliver further shareholder value.

    gold mineralization

Why Sierra Leone?

  • Sierra Leone is former British colony; English is the national language.
    UK remains largest trading partner
  • Political stability.
    Three democratically elected presidents over twenty years
  • Active member of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) since 2008
  • FAFT Compliant. Member of the
    Inter-Governmental Action Group (GIABA) against Money Laundering and counter terrorist financing